Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Three little bags

Although the weather has been so bad this week it has at least enabled me to concentrate on my sewing. I have now collected some really lovely material for my projects and decided to review my fabrics. My best source has undoubtedly been Suffolk,  Stevenage, I am afraid is rather void of lovely little shops selling haberdashery and fabric especially quilting fabric, although of course we do  have John Lewis and Hobbycraft  who do sell a good range of quilting fabrics and haberdashery. But it is not quite the same as rummaging around not knowing what little gem you might find whether it be some pretty and unusual ribbon or   fabric. One of my favourite places is Halfpenny Home in Needham Market and I just do not get to visit it often enough! Its like a den of treats and Nic always remembers my name and asks whether I have started my rag rug (and I haven't) if you want to check it out have a look at their blog In fact I have just finished three little bags of which two of them were made from fabric bought at Halfpenny Home.I am really pleased with them, the fabric was nice to work with and I enjoyed making them. The problem is I always want to keep them! My bags can be checked out on

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  1. I've just left a comment on the most recent posting saying 'how are you getting on with the ragrugging?' - how funny! See you soon, Nic x