Friday, 7 October 2011

Quilts and Angels!

The patchwork quilt I was making for Poppy is now finished. The colour scheme is basically a mix of pinks and a bit of red in 100% cotton. There is a mix of traditional floral patterns with some more contemporary styles to give it a more up to date look ( I hope! ) I have bordered the quilt with a very pretty up to date polka dot quilting material, the dots of different shades of pink. The lining is a pretty pink sateen and the filling is a lightweight wadding. This should grace any girls bed!

Thinking of Christmas already I have found a nice pattern to knit an advent calender ( which I have nearly finished, lots of fiddly bits to do yet! ) and to go with it are a couple of Angels. I have made the Angel  which is in double knit, most of it plucked out of my wool store apart from the flesh coloured wool which I didn't have. I just need to finish it off with a twisted cord band to go round the head with some largish star sequins to be attached to it and star sequins to be added to the neck line of the dress. The sequins should make it look lovely and twinkly. I am really pleased with it as I have never made a doll before. As soon as I have finished the calender I will put it on my blog!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn

I have been so busy this Summer I just haven't had the time to write my blog. I had a lovely time with Joni and Poppy in August, we did loads of things including a trip to Pleasurewood Hills, I am afraid I was too much of a scaredy cat to go on many of the rides! That day the weather was pretty decent, compared with the rest of that week!

And of course August was the month of the BIG birthday and I was treated to lots of lovely treats and a surprise trip to Lille 1st class on the Eurostar and 2 nights in a lovely hotel, all courtesy of my lovely husband! September was our planned trip to Jersey for my 60th, 4 nights in a luxury Spa hotel, it was fab! I had a whole day being pampered with massages etc, the full works! Well that's enough  about that milestone birthday!
In the meantime I have been beavering away knitting and sewing and trying to keep up with the allotment. And here are are a few things that I been busy with over the last couple of months.

Finally I finished the patchwork throw, made in 100% cotton inspired by '30's fabrics and lined with pastel lemon fleece fabric, all hand stitched apart from the border!
And this I made for the winter! The yarn is an extra chunky,chunky which knitted up very quickly but was really heavy to knit with. This should keep me warm this winter!