Wednesday, 10 August 2011

freshly picked mushrooms for breakfast

I absolutely love fried mushrooms and two weeks ago in the field behind us in Suffolk,  mushrooms were popping up all over the place. Field mushrooms are the only ones  that I can positively recognise as being safe to eat, white on top and pink or brown underneath.As the weather had been mild and damp the mushrooms were flourishing and positively demanding that we should pick them, which we did!
We just peeled the tops and cut off the stalks and popped them into a frying pan with a little olive oil for a few minutes and then topped some hot buttered toast with them....delish

Thursday, 4 August 2011

and others from the must finish pile finished (continued from previous post)

A pair of leg warmers each for Joni and Poppy to go with the Ice skating outfits I made for them. I love the fairisle effect you get with this wool.
Knitted in Sirdar snuggly DK, a cute T bag hat for a toddler.
and a pretty helmet for a baby,again knitted in Sirdar snuggly, they have some lovely colours in this range.

Finally getting to grips with the must finish pile!

I love knitting and sewing and I have all these bright ideas (that never come to fruition) , so I am always getting distracted right when I am in the middle of something else. So generally what happens is that I have loads of things that just need a little to do to them to finish. I must admit I find making up knitted items quite tedious but I do enjoy the end result ( well when I get there). Yesterday and today I resolved to get cracking and finish the lot! Well I almost got there but there was too much left to do the granny quilt and no time to get on with the notice board which has only just got started! Here are the finished articles:
these sweet little bootees are made from a vintage patten and are made in oddments of 4ply.
a lovely cable cushion made in a soft grey Rowan All Seasons cotton yarn in DK
Can't wait to wear my waistcoat made in Sirdar sublime cotton yarn!