Saturday, 30 October 2010

R and R

Hooray its the weekend and that means Suffolk! We set off last night, a little earlier than usual as we were going to a party and as luck would have it we got stuck in a jam at Little Hadham. Normally this would have been a pain, but Robert Plant was doing the Electric Proms on Radio 2 , so we had a great time listening to some fantastic music and interviews. We eventually got to the party which was a fund raising event for charity. There was live music provided by 'The Hasbeens' a local charity fund raising band, and I was transfixed by the lady playing the skiffle board. You just do not see it around these days, I guess she must have learnt to play way back in the 50's.
Today I trawled the charity shops ( I just love browsing, looking for something to catch my eye) and something did catch my eye, I picked up a 60's or it might be 70's coffee pot.
I have several now and I also picked up some vintage curtains which I hope to transform into cushion covers ( the last vintage curtains I bought I liked so much,  they are now hanging on my landing window!).

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

my first big hand sewn patchwork quilt (front and reverse of quilt)

My pride and joy, I loved making this, when my daughter, Sophie, saw me making it she wanted it so I finished it with her in mind. It now sits on her  bed - a family heirloom!

Welcome to my new blog!

I am so excited, I have been dragged into the 21st century! I thought long and hard on what to name the blog, I wanted it to somehow reflect my lifestyle and where and how I lived. I could not come up with anything so asked my other half, Andy - and he came up with plum cottage, perfect! We live in a lovely Victorian house in a country lane lined with wild plums trees.We have a wild plum tree in our front garden, and a wild plum tree hedge in the back! This year I made some fabulous jam with the plums.
I have taken early retirement and spend  time on my allotment and have revisited the crafts I learnt years ago, knitting, sewing, dressmaking and a new one, patchwork quilts.I also want to try my hand at rag rugs -  have ordered the 'how to' book, just waiting for it t pop through the letter box!
I have 6 hens, one silkie, two aracunas and three rescue hens, one dog, two cats, two rabbits and tropical fish! No more pets!