Sunday, 30 March 2014

back again!

I know it's been ages but what with changing computers I started to have all sorts of problems uploading photos and in the end I gave up. Well hopefully all my techno problems have gone away!
I recently made this sewing roll for myself from linen and odds and ends of curtian fabric which makes the roll a little firmer than using cotton.

I attached peices of fabric using ribbon and tape to a peice of calico
 and bound it with stripy quilting cotton and that was the front of the roll finished. I then made the inside of the roll.

At the top I made  a zipped pocket sewn on to a peice of red and white spotted lining, then attached a felt heart for holding needle or pins, 3 small pocket made out of tiny whites dots on red fabric and edged with cream cotton lace and finally a long pocket edeged withe ribbon. Both the exterior and the interior were sewn together. A ribbon was attached with a button. Et voila.