Wednesday, 22 December 2010

anyone for a cuppa?

Andy does appreciate a second cuppa in the mornings so instead of draping a towel around the teapot to keep it warm I set about knitting a couple of cosies for us.I made this tea cosy from left over baby wool (it is 100% wool) and put a ribbon on the top, I think it looks very sweet and it knitted up beautifully. The reproduction of the colour is not that good as in reality the colours are warm and soft.
The second cosy I made was in a cheaper acrylic yarn that someone had given me, the difference in quality was striking. It was not as soft to knit with and it knitted up very thin. It looks fine though and I made a little pom pom in a different colour (I ran out of wool!). I much prefer to knit in good quality wool and at the moment I am knitting a pair of hand warmers in Sirdar Sublime extra fine merino wool which knits up beautifully.

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