Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Refreshed from our Baltic cruise it is now back to reality! We had a lovely holiday, a leisurely Baltic cruise, I say leisurely but quite honestly in parts it was hectic! The absolute highlight of our cruise was St Petersberg. A two day stopover, which meant a full on, two day tour, on the hottest 2 days of their summer! This was following port stops on the 3 previous days, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, which were all fabulous but done at our lazy pace rather than a frenetic tour! St Petersberg was so opulent no wonder the starving and downtrodden masses eventually revolted! The architecture was fabulous, and the decor was all so gorgeous it made my mouth water! To labour the point one of the rooms in Catherines Palace.

and then there is the Amber room, unbelievably beautiful, the walls are covered in Amber, has to be seen to be believed, unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos in this room. When the Germans besieged St Petersberg in WW2 they stole all but one single piece of Amber! The palace was all but destroyed, razed to the ground, however the Russians have done a remarkable job restoring it to it's former glory, (goodness knows how much that must have cost!)

Catherine's Palace
Before we went away I was desperately trying to finish some knitting and my blue quilt. I managed to finish the knitting but  sewing the jumper up escaped me, so that's still to be done ( I hate the sewing up bit ), but I did finish the quilt and I really love this one, I just love the mix of blues and whites and the pretty pattens.

and the back of it, white sheeting and blue embroidery thread

One more for the collection!