Friday, 26 November 2010

What a palaver!

brrr it's cold outside but at least it hasn't snowed here yet, however having said that I always get a bit excited when the first flurry is due!
On Saturday we are off to the Christmas Fayre at Bury St Edmunds, it sounds like it should be fun.....I will let you know what it was like.
Yesterday I decided to try and finish off things that I had made.I spent most of the day completing a patterned tea cosy that I could only knit so long as I gave it my full attention as it was so fiddly. I then needed to knit 8 leaves which would be sewn together to make 4, which I duly did.Well,what a palaver to attach these blooming leaves on to the top of the cosy. I eventually succeeded but when I tried it on a big tea pot having  followed the instructions as to where to place the openings, the openings were not right! Sooo, I tried to undo the seams but I had done such a good job of sewing them that I couldn't find the yarn!!! I eventually did find a yarn and cut it but it was the gathering yarn at the top, which meant my leaves came undone. Anyway needless to say I have now abandoned it for the time being, I suspect it will stay that way for a while!

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