Tuesday, 7 December 2010

last of the gifts made (I think!)

I wanted everyone in my family to have a handmade gift from me this Christmas and these are the last two gifts,. The bag on the left is for Stephen, my six year old grandson. I wanted to make a draw string bag that was boyish and wanted it to hold some little gifts, a sack but not a sack, if you know what I mean. Having looked for some boyish material and not found anything I liked I bought some denim from John Lewis and white cord and blue felt. The felt was for an appliqué letter S. I haven't done much appliqué so I just have to go for it! After several attempts to draw a half decent letter S, I was able to trace it onto the felt and viseline, and using blanket stitch I attached it to the bag. Voila! I made the pretty bag next to it in a 1920s/30s inspired fabric by Tanya Whelan. The family member I made it for isn't into country style fabrics, so I thought this would be more her, (I hope so).

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