Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I love blue and white ticking

 I spend so much time in the conservatory. I do a lot of sewing and knitting in there and it is quite like having the garden as a room!  I needed some really comfy cushions, as the Ikea Swedish style sofa which I bought for our Gite in France and transferred to the conservatory when we moved back to the UK (waste not want not!) wasn't as comfortable as I would like. So I raided my fabric stash and made a comfy cushion in this great cotton blue and white ticking.
It is 50cm square and I have made it in an envelope style and the cushion pad is duck feather and down, comfy or what! Just to need to buy some more ticking and make some more!
The blossom on my trees is absolutely fabulous I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

it's lambing time

It's a lovely time of the year( especially with the weather being unseasonably warm and sunny), with new life bursting out everywhere,  talking of which, we went to Jimmy's farm in Wherstead, Suffolk, which I thought was great and a super place to take the family, we were able to see some recently born lambs and also some ducklings and chicks. Lots of oohs and aaahs (and that was just me!) and you know what, I am so pleased that Andy and I are vegetarians because I know that they will never appear as dinner on our plates!

I have just finished making up this retro tea cosy and the contrasting colours of yellow and  black look really great together. I must admit I don't like knitting this type of tea cosy much, because  for something so small it is fiddly and time consuming, but it does look good and is a lovely soft, thick tea cosy. Keep anybody's tea warm!

And another aran cable cushion has been finished...

Friday, 1 April 2011

I have been so busy...

....making cushions.. I am worn out! No, not really! Here is a contemporary cushion I made yesterday. I don't normally do contemporary, in fact I couldn't even spell the word properly without the spell check! The fabric just caught my eye and I thought the pattern was striking and I liked the way the colours and the pattern all worked together.The background is beige and the leaves are cream and grey, and of course the flower heads are in black.  It has a reverse fastening with some unusual buttons I found in my button bag (which is huge) and voila, another cushion made!

...and another cushion!

but what a pretty cushion! I just love this fabric, it is little hearts outlined in white on a baby blue background. It is a quilting fabric and 100% cotton, I bought it originally to complement some baby fabric I was using to make a couple of gorgeous nursery bags for my niece's new baby, Jacob, and also used it for a pompadour bag I made as a gift for my sister. As the material was so nice to work with it was a pleasure making it, and  was a welcome change from knitting, having just finished two cable cushions and currently knitting a yellow and black retro tea cosy ( the colours are really striking together) and it is quite fiddly as it is two colours and each colour is pulled across the back making it tighter than normal knitting, still it shouldn't take as long as the cushions!