Friday, 8 February 2013

Wot a week...

Yes, what a week it has been and it's all down to lamb bones! A kindly friend gave our Missy a couple of lamb bones, a real treat for her as being veggies she doesn't get much in the way of bones! (us being the veggies not the dog!) However, lamb bone shards are very sharp and unfortunately two bits of bone lodged in her colon. Disaster! So it was off to the vets and then off to the doggy hospital 16 miles away, one big op and £2500 later said shards were no more. It has been an anxious time for us and a very painful one for Missy but now she seems to be on the mend and at long last has started to eat something, mind you I have to use the cats to tempt her to that has come out the wrong way! no I don't mean the dog eating the cats, what I mean is... if I put food down for her and any of the cats come near she is terrified they are going to eat it and although she doesn't want it she is damned sure the cats aren't going to have it!
With all the tooing and froing not a lot of knitting and sewing has been going on, but I have managed to finish the Mothers Day gift I was making for my mum, a lined knitted peg bag. I used Debbie Bliss organic DK in a pretty rose colour and lined it with some pretty rose cotton fabric I had left over from a dress I made in the summer.

I have also been working on the blue and white quilt and for the first time I have used a hoop

Although I have had the hoop for a couple of years I hadn't used it until now (sounds silly but I think I was scared of the blooming thing!), but the nature of the pattern for the hand stitching leant itself to the hoop and on this quilt for sure it has made it easier to stitch.

I used a template for the pattern, which is on every square, and the overall effect is really quite pretty. I have quilted with blue embroidery thread (coton a broder) about two thirds of the squares and once that is done it will be the borders next and I plan to quilt those diagonally.