Friday, 12 November 2010

Turning fallen autumn leaves into compost

Great, Friday at last. Fridays are usually busy for me as I prepare for going away at the weekend.It means cleaning out the rabbits and chickens (I do them in the week as well but always on a Friday) stocking up on clean water and food for them. The rabbits have a self feeder, but they are quite greedy and I think over the weekend if the food's there then they eat it! They are looking quite round at the moment. Every other Friday I go to my mum's in Northamptonshire and we go out for lunch and shopping. But not today as I am having new roof blinds fitted in the conservatory, can't wait!

After the wind and the rain there is a sea of yellow and brown leaves floating on my patio and lawn and whenever anybody or pet comes in, they get traipsed  through the house! So today will be leave clearing day. Hard work, but the upside is that I will turn them into compost. In order to do that the leaves need to be damp and put into black bin bags or you can recycle used commercial compost bags. Puncture the bags in several places and put them somewhere out of sight in the garden. Leaves do take a long time to compost down unlike normal garden waste. After 12 to 24 months they will have composted down to a lovely friable compost to put on the garden.

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