Monday, 1 November 2010

Starting the vintage style knitted tea cosy

I have been busy knitting  a 50's style tea cosy over the weekend (this was when I wasn't busy browsing the charity shops).Mum has given me her patterns  collected over the years and included was the 1950's tea cosy pattern. I think it will look great once it is finished, the style is vintage but the colours are contemporary - the photo shows it just being started and doesn't look too much at this moment in time. I hope to finish it soon, I really only knit at night, during the day I concentrate on my sewing.
We were on a long weekend in Suffolk and this morning the weather was superb and we took Missy our Setter Anglais, (she is  a French dog, we bought her in France when we were living  there.) for a  long long walk along the foreshore on the Orwell estuary. Unfortunately, because the tide was out and Missy just loves to chase the seagulls, our tri-colour dog turned into a grey slimy slug as she was running through the tidal mudflats having a whale of a time. She didn't think the cold shower afterwards was too much fun!

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