Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I was persuaded to go for a walk on Sunday once it had stopped raining (I must admit I was inclined to stay where I was, warm and cosy on the sofa!) and  am glad I did. We (that is Andy, Missy the dog and I) walked down to the foreshore of the Orwell estuary which is about 500 metres from our holiday home. At this point the weather had got cheerier although it was still windy and cold. We thought the tide was fully in and took ourselves along the coastal path until we could get no further as the spring tide ( a spring tide is a high, high tide) had flooded parts of the path. So we trundled back, (Missy as usual having a fantastic time running through the water chasing the seagulls.) and lo and behold we can go no further, the tide in fact was not fully in but it certainly was now! All was not lost as we managed to climb a fence to get round the flooded path, I thought the least I was going to get was wet feet, but with Andy's help my feet remained very dry!.


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