Sunday, 12 August 2012

it's been ages....

I know it's been ages since my last blog but I have been so busy with one thing or another and in between had a fabulous holiday. We got so fed up with the unseasonal weather that on a whim we booked a mediterrean cruise and 4 weeks later we were off! Of course it meant that I had to go and do some dress shopping, oh dear, what a shame! Chuck and I enjoyed ourselves so much we can't wait to go on the next one! There was loads to do on  the ship when it was at sea and of course there were the beautiful locations we stopped at and took tours, my favourite being Alhambra palace with its beautiful Moorish architecture and location.
We toured Pompeii and wouldn't have missed that for the world, our guide was very good and knew her subject very well indeed.

We docked at Sardinia for a morning and we found the locals so friendly and had an enjoyable glass of wine and pizza in a local cafe.
                                                       the docks at Calighari

                                                        the Kasbah
and we stopped off at Algiers but we were only allowed on shore as part of a tour with a police escort back and front and the locals were not allowed to mingle with us....I am not sure for whose benefit it was! But it was an interesting tour and worth doing.

and some interesting sculptured fruit and veg carved by the chefs on the ship
 We had a go at Ballroom dancing in the form of 45 minute taster lessons and had such a laugh, and even though we have 5 left feet between us, we have joined classes locally!

On a crafting note, I am still in the process of hand stitching my latest patchwork quilt which I am hoping to sell. And because it is hand stitched, it is painstakingly slow and as I am sewing it in front of the TV whilst I am watching the Olympics, it's taking even longer as I keep getting very very excited especially when the cycling was on and then of course the athletics, swimming..well all of it actually, it does make me feel very proud to be British!

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