Thursday, 30 August 2012

I just couldn't help myself!

I know I haven't finished the latest quilt I am working on but I was so inspired by a patchwork cushion design in one of the craft books I got for my birthday (Cottage Style Quilting by Lynette Anderson ), that I couldn't stop myself from starting a new project before I had finished the last one!
Ah well what can I say! I had a really good time sorting through my fabrics, seeing what would go with what. I wanted  to create a vintage shabby look and I used vintage style pink and blue floral prints.  Now for the precision part of the process, with great solemnity (and may I say skill!!) I then cut out 128 x inch and a half squares and a four and a half inch square for the middle. The next step was to to make a 9 square block.
Did you notice the deliberate error??? One square too many, I have to say that wasn't the last time I did that!
sorry about all  threads in the pic, I do actually snip the threads.
all the blocks nicely made up ready for me to design something for the middle

I haven't done any embroidery for years but I do intend to do some more now I have a bit of a taste for something more elaborate. The little hearts were scraps of fabric from a design called Durham by Lecien which I had used from a previous quilt and it is a lovely faded romantic look.
Tomorrow I will hopefully have time to finish it!

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