Thursday, 23 August 2012

yet another birthday!

yes I am still only 30 ( oh dear my nose has just grown longer!) well double it and that will be about right!  I had some lovely birthday presents, I did very well indeed! Two of the presents were craft books that I had specifically asked for having checked them out on Amazon. The books were Fast Fabric Gifts by Sally Southern and  Country Cottage Quilts by Lynette Anderson and I was so pleased with them,they were full of gorgeous things to make. I couldn't wait to get home and get crafting. So as soon as I could I sorted through my stack of lovely fabrics and decided to make pencil cases for Rosie, Joni and Poppy three of my grandchildren. And here they are after several mistakes like sewing the applique on upside down or attaching the bondaweb to the wrong side of the material to name just a couple! By the third one I just about got it right!
This is the first one I made, a lot was learnt from this! The front of the case
and the back.
Number 2....

and the back....
and last but not least number 3...
the back of this one is made in the same fabric as number 2. The lovely fabrics were from . I stiffened the fabric to make the case more sturdy and each one has a zip fitted. I can't wait for the next project!

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  1. they're lovely and happy birthday!!!