Wednesday, 29 August 2012

knitting with bamboo!

My lovely niece Katie is expecting her first baby, a great excuse to knit some baby stuff. I wanted to make a shawl or blanket that wasn't too complicated and didn't have crochet edgings as I cannot crochet! I also did not want to have to buy a book of patterns either! You would think that would be quite simple. No way! It took me ages to find the right pattern, but I did still end up buying a book of patterns! But not only that, once I tried to buy the wool I realised the wool had been discontinued! And not for the first time this has happened to me, beware if the pattern book is cheap there is a good reason for it! Never mind I managed to get the wool and it knits up as DK,
 The wool is a bamboo mix, very very soft perfect for babies and the colour is not a bright white but described as Ice white. It was fairly simple and quick to make.

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  1. linda that is lovely and such a nice gift.

    Once the baby doesn't need to be wrapped in it, it is perfect for having around for a cuddle or on the bed.