Saturday, 1 September 2012

home continued..

As promised I managed to finish the lovely home patchwork cushion. I chose the fabric I wanted to make the borders with, it was a fabric that I had used  in the patchwork mainly Petit Fleur by Lecien, I bought them as fat quarters from Quilter's Cloth (who have a fantastic range of quilting fabrics) and then added various other fabrics that I thought would work. In total I needed 13 different fabrics

It seems a lot of the fabrics I have are from Lecien, the hearts in the middle are made from the Durham range

There are also designs from Moda and Makower, all 100% cotton. The next step after attaching the borders was to iron some fusible wadding onto both the front and back, for the back I used an unbleached muslin and although this fabric is quite flimsy, adding the wadding gave it stability. Then it was simply a case of stitching them together.

Being a keen recycler I stuffed the cushion with the insides of a previously used cushion pad long ago discarded and sewed up the bottom et voila! I just love the way the colours all work together I am very pleased with the end result, in fact I am definitely going  to make another, but perhaps with a different mix of colours and fabrics, the truth is I have a huge selection of gorgeous fabrics to choose from!


  1. linda, it's lovely and the different square in the middle is gorgeous. I have a hexagonal red and white blanket that I am sewing together by hand because the hexagons are so small. It is very long winded but very satisfying.....

  2. It will take ages but will be worth it! My first large quilt was all done by hand and it took ages but was gorgeous when it was finished. I generally machine stitch the patchwork but hand stitch the quilting. Chuck is getting worried now as I have started looking at quilting machines!