Friday, 27 April 2012

red white and blue

Check out these very patriotic fabrics by Makower, not only perfect for the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics but absolutely perfect for my grandson Stephens' quilt! The fabric is 100% cotton and I bought another half metre of plain red cotton, again by Makower to complement the others.

Stephen is only seven and probably doesn't care whether his Nan makes him a quilt or not but having made one for the three girls it seemed churlish not to make one for him!

Can you believe it I am on the last bit of the cable and bobbles jacket I am knitting and  have run out of wool! I only have the left hand border to do and sewing up and it's finished. I ordered the wool online and had hoped to have it by the weekend but no such luck.Oh well it will be sewing this weekend, just have to remember to take the sewing machine and bits and bobs to Suffolk with me, that will be a challenge!

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