Monday, 21 May 2012

busy busy...

I have had 3 or 4 things on the go just lately and suddenly I needed to get them finished by Saturday as was meeting up with the family and one or two of my creations needed to be distributed and another just needed to be finished. My problem is once I have acquired fabric or wool for new projects (or just because I like whatever gorgeous fabric/wool I have bought), I have a need to start making something with it! Thus I always have more than one project on the go at any given time! Anyway I finally finished the aran jacket I was making.
Excuse the terrible pose but I was trying to make sure the pattern was shown so I was projecting my front!!! I was honestly!!! I knitted this in 100% wool in pigeon grey, and I think because there is no acrylic in the yarn it weighs quite heavy but doesn't feel heavy when it is on.
I finished Stephen's patchwork quilt and it looked really nice but oops I forgot to take a photo! But it was made in patriotic blue red and white, I used a plain red fabric and the three other fabrics had different patterns, small British flags, red white and blue stripes and black taxis and red buses on a blue background, backed with mid blue sateen sheeting and I made some binding out of dark blue quilting fabric and sandwiched between the layers was a lightweight wadding sewn together with running stitch in blue embroidery cotton. It looked good and right up the street of a 7 year old!
Something I did remember to photograph. Pretty isn't she? And the little mouse is cute too! Going to have to go now as I have a new computer and it isn't being very friendly at the moment and I can't set my blog out properly, am going to have to let the big man look at it as I can't cope with it!


  1. love the doll and mouse (jacket too of course!!). reminds me of the one my mum made for me when I was born

  2. Hi Cheryl, they are so quick to knit and having three girlie grand kids they make sweet little pressies