Thursday, 26 April 2012

pink summer roses

It didn't take me long to decide which  dress pattern to use for this gorgeous vintage style fabric. It is 100% cotton with a lovely soft sheen.  The dusky  deep pink roses sit on a pale pink background ....mmm.... love it!

Patted myself on the back because I managed to fit the lining to the bodice no problem....must be getting the hang of it!

The fabric is so lovely and soft and easy to work with, but not so my first attempts at putting the zip in!  Guess what! I am such a numpty, I bought a zip and stitched it in. The zip was supposed to be concealed  and it certainly wasn't that! Not to be downhearted I took the zip out and put it in again, rubbish! the blooming thing was still not right! I wearily took it out again and abandoned it feeling very fed up.
 Eventually the the penny dropped! I needed a concealed zip! If you don't know you don't know!! (each day I learn something new!!!!) Et voila perfect!!

Its so pretty and drapes beautifully, come on summer I want to wear summer roses!

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