Thursday, 19 April 2012

hearts for Rosie

At last I have finished Rosie's quilt, once I got started it didn't take too long! I have had the fabrics for ages it was just a case of cutting them into squares.
Once cut, they were sorted into rows and when I was happy with the arrangement it was simply a case of stitching the rows and then stitching them together.
I wanted to be a bit more adventuress in my quilt making , so I made four little hearts out of some pretty scraps of fabric and appliqu├ęd them to the quilt. I decided to hand stitch  them with embroidery thread which gave the running stitch a nice chunky effect. I am really pleased with the result and think they look kinda cute! Next I attached the wadding, I used a 2oz weight, and the sheeting. The last two quilts I made I stitched the layers together using buttons, but this time I stitched in the 'ditch' which was much easier! The binding for the sides was made out of pretty sateen sheeting that I had left over from a previous project.
et voila! Rosie's quilt...made with love....I hope she likes it.

I  find lots of inspiration following fellow like minded bloggers and  look forward to each of their new contributions. I also like their links and can now find lots of lovely online shops which I couldn't find before although I was looking hard..honestly I was! I just love this vintage style dress fabric I bought  from Sew La La fabric online shop,
Just need to decide which dress pattern to use! Watch this space!


  1. it's a lovely quilt. rosie couldn't fail to like it!

  2. thank you,it's two fold, the satisfaction in making it and having someone to give it to!