Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Spike is our newest addition to the family and he is a sweety. He is a lovely, fluffy black and white cat and will be eleven years old this year, and he is, Sophie my daughter's cat. He lived with Sophie's father, who is now going travelling and Spike had to move on .Sophie shares a house in London and it would not be the best place for him to live as he is used to living in the countryside. So he has come to live with us. Poor thing, it is a bit of a trauma for him as I have two other cats and a dog living in the house! It has been a week and a half now and he seems to be settling down. The dog is no trouble whatsoever but all the cats are a bit spooky with each other, but nothing nasty, thank goodness.
I have finished my lovely cable patterned cushion cover and I am very pleased with it.

It is knitted in an aran mix of wool, cotton and acrylic. As the pattern was fairly complex (well,for me anyway) I had to knit the pattern when there were no distractions, but the reverse is in a neat double moss stitch which was a lot more straight forward  I have bought a goose feather and down pad for it and it is now for sale on my online shop (Folksy).
I have started on my next one which is in a deeper colour, a sort of brown/mauve colour, it is hard to describe but is a stylish shade.


  1. Thats my cushion..very pleased with it i am too!!
    I am looking for some more so i look forward to the next one,i might ask you to make more in different colours if thats okay?

  2. I am so pleased you like it, I spent ages on it and it is always a worry that it might not be liked. I have started on my next one, but just let me know if you want me to make some to order.
    Thanks Linda