Thursday, 27 January 2011

more home made jam and Christmas pudding tea cosies!

yes, I have made some more jam, this time rhubarb and raspberry. I grew both fruits and froze them last year. I always have a surfeit of rhubarb each year and never quite knew what to do with it, now I know as the jam is superb, especially on a warm toasted tea cake! This year I intend to do a lot more preserving, making good use of the copper preserving pan I bought and used a lot in France. We had seven plum trees as well as loads of red and white grape vines, strawberries, peach, apple, pear and fig trees!
I have not only been making jam, I have made some Christmas pudding tea cosies! I know, it is far too early to be thinking of Christmas, but I couldn't resist making them! I think it looks really sweet and very easy to make. This cosy is knitted with two different green strands of DK wool knitted together and the white cap is also knitted with two strand of wool knitted together so they are lovely and thick and are very warm. So far I have knitted three different cosies, small in green, medium in two colours of brown and a large cosy in red.

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