Sunday, 19 February 2012

getting crafty with red and white gingham

Woke up to blue skies and sunshine and let's not forget the hard frost! So it was off to the allotment shop to stock up on supplies and then  to the allotment with dog and hubby in tow! Hubby to be the fixer of all things needed on the allotment that is not to do with the actual growing of green stuff and Missy to bark and whine at any cats she might see (even though she lives with three cats!) Me...I did some digging! Lovely though the day was it was perishing cold especially when the sun went down.
From growing stuff to putting it on the table, I have been looking for a round table cloth for ages now and eventually bought a red and white gingham one which ticked the boxes, but the new problem was none of my place mats suited it. Problem solved! I had some suitable fabric in my stash to make a couple of place mats. Managed to find a place mat to use as a template and then out with the scissors cuting out two pieces of gingham and  one piece out of some wadding.
I then  stitched all the pieces together with the wadding on top, leaving an opening at one end, then turned it inside out through the opening and closed the opening with some slip stitches.
Finally I marked out diagonal lines and using embroidery thread quilted all three layers with a running stitch....voila

Perfect for the table!

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