Tuesday, 14 February 2012

decisions decisions!

I finally made my mind up as to what I am going to knit next. It will be the long line diamond and bobble jacket! I spent absolutely ages browsing the online shops looking at wool trying to make a decision, it was so hard, in the end I decided upon a wool that was 100% British and 100% wool in aran, then I had to decide on the colour, was it to be stone or was it to be pigeon? The problem with buying online is that the colours are not reproduced accurately which can be disappointing. I am that person waiting impatiently and excitedly for some wool to be delivered only to discover upon opening the parcel that the lovely pastel green I thought I had ordered was in fact a lime green colour not at all in keeping with project I had in mind, oh dear how disappointing! In the end I decided upon pigeon but emailed the retailer first to make sure it was what I call a soft grey and not a harsh steel grey. Hooray the postmen delivered my bounty today and I wasn't disappointed!
Can't wait to get started but first I have to finish some wristwarmers I am making out of some leftover wool.
This pair I made without a thumb and  knitted in double knit and I am just finishing another set, with thumbs, to my own design but in the same wool Sirdar Crofter DK


  1. Have to admit I could do with some of those wrist warmer thingy's for work at the moment lol

  2. I find them useful for when I am working outside and these ones are very easy to make so long as you know the basics of knitting.