Friday, 27 January 2012

we all like a bit of bunting

Who doesn't love a show of bunting? I adore it .To me it's a reminder of the 50's and 70's ( yes I do remember them! ) when there were street parties and bunting was hung up and tables covered with cloths were laden with homemade food and jellies and cakes and beakers of squash and who knows what for the adults! Seeing bunting makes me think of parties and holidays and fun!  And I think because I equate bunting with something nice happening I enjoy making them! On that note, this is the bunting I thoroughly enjoyed making yesterday! It didn't take too long as I had already cut out the flags. I decided to have a blue theme and chose fabrics from my stash that also lend themselves to being holidayish when put together (lets hope I  I have achieved that effect.) My particular favourite is the blue flag with the white outline of hearts on . It is  quilting material although I have to admit I have not used it in a patchwork quilt yet! But I am sure I will! I really like the cherry fabric as it is very pretty and quite unusual and have made some nice little bags and padded boxes out of it. 

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