Monday, 30 January 2012

Jacobs birthday party

We had a lovely time at Jacobs birthday party on Saturday. It was his 1st birthday and he had a few friends round and loads of family. It was great because all of his mum's, Zoe, side of the family (Zoe is my niece) were there (but  for David, her brother, who couldn't make it.) Even her Nan was there which was a surprise for all of us as she doesn't normally venture far from home no matter how enticing it might be. Zoe and her Mum  put on a scrumptious spread and Zoe made some gorgeous iced buns and fabulous cakes( my poor waistline was thickening just looking at them.) Here are just three of the guests having a good time, my granddaughters, Rosie, Poppy and Joni.

Meanwhile, when I wasn't having a good time partying, I made two of these sweet little hearts filled with lavender, to sell on my Folksy shop  (,  perfect for valentines day! The Laura Ashley  fabric is lovely with a petite pattern in pale blue and white. I cut the shapes out with pinking shears and then hand stitched them together with a darker blue embroidery thread and then a small white heart shaped button was stitched to the top of the heart for a finishing touch.

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