Tuesday, 24 January 2012

....cute ducks and chickens

It's amazing, I can while away a couple of hours at a time just browsing online looking at fabrics, I just love it! There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there I could spend a small fortune if I am not careful! Needless to say I have a stash of lovely material I have bought online just waiting for the right project! Looking on Ebay I couldn't resist these little ducks and chickens on  this really cute fabric called 'Tabitha' in sorbet by Ashley Wilde. I couldn't wait to use it but what for? I know, an apron, no a cushion, no an apron, in the end I decided to make a rectangular cushion to sell on Folksy as I haven't put anything on there for ages.
 The back is made in two pieces and fastened with 3 white buttons
 And I still have enough fabric to make an apron! 

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