Friday, 14 January 2011

Memories of the Vendee

While I was out walking Missy this morning, I heard a sound that reminded me of the time when Andy and I lived in the Vendee in France. It was the call of three buzzards circling around in a thermal. It was a lovely sight and sound. We often heard and saw the buzzards  because we only lived 100 metres away from Vouvant Forest, it was always a thrill, as it was this morning. I have heard and seen them locally but not that often, hopefully that will change!
I have lots of projects on the go at the moment, it's hard to know which to work on so I have a system which works quite well. First thing in the morning, after I have had my porridge, honey and seeds, with Radio 2 in the background, usually listening to Chris Evans, I knit for about an hour this Aran cabled cushion cover which needs my undivided attention, otherwise I go wrong and spend too much time unpicking it and doing it again.

It is knitted in Sirdar sports aran wool and has a lovely texture. Last year I knitted a larger cushion cover with a different pattern in the same yarn and it knitted up beautifully. Providing all goes well with the cushion cover I intend to make a throw in the same pattern.It will be something that I can have on the go in the background,  something to pick up when I want a change or have nothing else on the go.
Later on in the day I can take myself to my little workroom and work on my sewing projects that require the sewing machine and in the evening I will pick up any knitting I have on the go or my quilting which is hand sewn and I can do whilst watching TV.
I just love the fabrics which are 1930's inspired and I bought the fat quarters online. It is as yet unfinished and I haven't made up my mind yet whether it is going to be a throw or a bed cover. Watch this space!

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