Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year

A happy and prosperous new year to everyone! The tinsel has been taken down, the Christmas tree is in the loft and everywhere is looking a bit dull! It will take a few days for the house to look normal and in the meantime I will keep thinking what's missing! But as much as I love the Christmas festivities and the lead up to it, once we are past New year (and sometimes before) I want my house to be back to normal and look  less like a party venue!

Up to Christmas and indeed immediately after, I have been beavering away, knitting loads of little hand warmers and mittens. The mittens, four pairs of them, were a custom order sold on my Etsy shop plumcottagecraft , which I have now finished, phew! They are quite quick to make but are fiddly and time consuming to make up as they are  made up of several components and different coloured yarns, with crochet loops to make and buttons to sew on.

I think thay are really cute and I hope the children love them!

Now I am going to give knitting mittens a rest for a while as I desperately want to get on with some sewing!

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