Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter wonderland

Winter is definitely here and it looks lovely (so long as you don't have to go to work in it!). We wrapped ourselves up this morning and Chuck, myself and Missy took ourselves out for a long walk in the fields by our house.

 Missy loves the snow, she loves to roll over and over in it! It was a lovely walk but tiring to walk uphill in the snow. On the way back the wind was in our faces and the snow was stinging my eyes making them water like mad,but ll in all we must have burnt a few calories! Our lane always looks gorgeous in the snow with the snow settled in the trees, and again in the spring with the blossom.

You can't see the snow on the trees in this pic as I have taken it looking up the lane rather than towards the fields, as I was about to take a pic in the opposite direction, a friend passed by in his car and as always one for a natter, we  proceeded to discuss the vagaries of the weather and  I completely forgot to take my award winning pic of the lane.
During the week I managed to finish off a couple of pairs of mittens for my Etsy shop

and with some pretty fabric I bought online from Sew La La ( if you love vintage style fabrics you will love this shop!) I made this pretty bag to hold my knitting.

I am still working on my blue and white quilt which is coming along nicely but slowly as it is a bit more complex than usual, and I have just ordered 26 balls of cashmerino silk double knit for a lacy blanket I intend to knit as a long term project, 2 balls of lacy yarn for a shawl for me and 2 balls of double knit for a lovely cable peg bag which will be lined with a pretty fabric, as a Mother's day gift, phew!

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