Sunday, 30 December 2012

I love Christmas...

The festivities are nearly over, but what a lovely Christmas we had. I love the build up to Christmas, the anticipation the expectation and all the sparklies and decorations, everywhere just looks so pretty.

I love that we all make the effort and catch up with friends and family and what a good time everybody has! Beforehand I was trying to finish my crafty presents....

Handwarmers for the grandkids...

a pair for myself!

and some Christmas bags.

and attaching labels to gifts already made...

Mum's throw
Denny's cushion
My blue and white quilt is at a standstill at the moment but all the squares have been pieced together

ready for the 6" borders to be attached. The fabric for the borders have been used in the blocks.


  1. love the throw for your mum (& all the other stuff too but particularly that). I'm enjoying a few days making after the christmas break. Bliss

  2. I really want to get on with some sewing but I have an order for 4 pairs of mittens with caps that I am beavering away with and once they are done I can get on with some sewing projects yay...