Wednesday, 20 June 2012

and has summer finally arrived?

At  last summer has arrived, well at least for a couple of days! I got my summer clothes out in anticipation of some warm and sunny weather a few weeks ago and have only managed to wear something summery one weekend and that was it! This cool and wet weather is so depressing, there is something not quite right about having the heating on in June! Well that's the whinge about the weather over! 
Babies are arriving in abundance (well two, is that not an abundance?) and another sweetie due in September. There are some super knitting patterns about for babies and I was spoilt for choice, I eventually plumped for a Sirdar pattern book, specifically White Whispers, which is made from 100% bamboo fibre and is a very delicate silky-soft baby yarn.  I made this sweet little cardigan for Ayla who is the new little  daughter of one of the girls who works with Andy.

 I am having a little bit of trouble uploading the photo that I actually want to show and  the blooming computer only wants to upload this one! oops here it is!

 The colour is the palest pink in fact just a whisper of pink to quote Sirdar, it is also very soft, perfect for Ayla! The border has a pretty frill and the cute pink heart buttons finishes it off perfectly. As I wrapped it in recycled pink tissue I added a liitle lavender sachet I made in the sweetest tiny gingham cotton fabric with a little bit of lace added.
Adding a home made label, (a buff coloured luggage label with recycled ribbon and stamping it with a message) it was ready to be delivered.

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