Monday, 26 March 2012

Wasn't the weather fabulous at the weekend and again today. What a difference a bit of sun makes! It is so nice to get some summer gear out and go strolling in the sunshine as though it was a summer day. I  must have known that the weather was going to be summery because earlier in the week I had finished making this dress which will be  perfect for summer.
I have not made a dress since I was a teenager and did wonder whether it would look any good. I was pleasantly surprised! The bodice is lined, which I had never tackled before but it was fairly simple but I couldn't quite get to grips with the bit about understitching the neckline because I couldn't get all of the fabric under the needle to stitch round in one go, eventually I had to resort to the internet where I was assured it was ok to stitch what you can, which is exactly what I did! Just what would I do without the internet! The zip was a bit tricky but managed it in the end, not perfect but it will pass muster, hopefully will be better next time!

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