Friday, 3 June 2011

where have I been....

actually no where but I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog! What have I been doing I hear you ask. Well, when I wasn't on the allotment tending the vegetables and weeding, I finished making Joni and Poppie's ice skating costumes and they looked fabulous. The girls looked really lovely with them on.
I finished making Andy this pullover in a really nice organic cotton yarn in a colour called runner bean!
I have a stash of lovely fabrics and made some pretty bags from it, filled them with dried lavender and tied them  with ribbon and lace. I love these and they smell divine, perfect to put in drawers or fabric / wool stashes!
I have also just finished knitting a cable cushion that I had made the front ages ago and hadn't got round to finishing, I just need to sew it up and then plonk it on one of my sofa's. I am also in the process of making myself a waistcoat in a colour called bone in organic cotton. Just needs stitches picking up round the armholes  and voila!

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