Friday, 1 April 2011

...and another cushion!

but what a pretty cushion! I just love this fabric, it is little hearts outlined in white on a baby blue background. It is a quilting fabric and 100% cotton, I bought it originally to complement some baby fabric I was using to make a couple of gorgeous nursery bags for my niece's new baby, Jacob, and also used it for a pompadour bag I made as a gift for my sister. As the material was so nice to work with it was a pleasure making it, and  was a welcome change from knitting, having just finished two cable cushions and currently knitting a yellow and black retro tea cosy ( the colours are really striking together) and it is quite fiddly as it is two colours and each colour is pulled across the back making it tighter than normal knitting, still it shouldn't take as long as the cushions!

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