Monday, 10 June 2013

I am back.....

It has been ages and I don't really know why! But part of the reason is that instead of using my trusty but slow computer I have been using a 'tablet,' which I really like, but the photos taken on it (really nice quality) will not upload onto my blog which is a pain! So for blogging it is back to the computer.

I have not been idle whilst I have been absent from blogging, I have been busily beavering away at this and that, a bit of decorating in the bedroom, some dressmaking, plenty of knitting and sewing and latterly working very hard in the garden and allotment!

'Cos I am bit of a technophobe I still haven't worked out how to upload ( or is it download?) the pics taken of my makes on the tablet, but here are a couple of things I have made recently...

We are going on holiday shortly and I made these cute shoe bags out of fabric I already had and just to make them more interesting I appliqued them with scraps of felt, on the pink bag is a dog rose and leaf!

a close up of the pattern on the collar

I love this 50s style jumper and it looks so nice on, it is knitted in a yarn called Amalfi which is a mix of cotton, linen, silk and viscose. It knits up beautifully and feels luxuriously silky. Because the weather has been rubbish there hasn't been much opportunity to wear it but once the sun stays out for more than 5 minutes I will quickly put it on with some very nice blue tapered trousers I got from Monsoon.

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