Wednesday, 20 July 2011

hooray finished the curtains against all odds

Just before I went on holiday I had started so many projects I didn't know whether I was coming or going!. I wanted to finish the curtains I was making for the holiday home which I did,

but of course in the middle of making these, I decided to remove the wallpaper in the front room and paint the picture and dado rails an off white colour ( they were a dark brown varnish). I got several samples of wallpaper from Laura Ashley and finally decided on on a bold pattern in a soft yellow, ivory and taupe. I wasn't able to finish the wallpapering before we went on holiday, it was harder than I thought and also took a lot longer. In the meantime I completed several bits of knitting, the knitting is good because it can be done at night watching the television, unless I am watching something dramatic and then goodness knows what happens to my poor knitting! Otherwise it is quite therapeutic.

now the hard bits!


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