Thursday, 5 May 2011

Felting in Needham Market

Had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon attending a felting workshop at Halfpenny Home in Needham Market. Felting is  basically transforming wool into felt using hot water and soap and lots of squeezing and plenty of manipulation.
We set out to make a tea pot stand although my finished piece could probably stand several tea pots on it! It was good fun.
The colours of the wool were gorgeous and we were spoilt for choice.This was my first piece before hot soapy water was added. From this and two other different coloured pieces, would be cut flowers to put on the background felting.
This was the background piece prior to sprinkling hot soapy water and lots of manipulation. Patterns cut from the other pieces were added to this to make the final mat, but guess who forgot to photograph the finished product!! As soon as I get back to Suffolk I will take a photo of what should have been a tea pot stand but could be better described as a tray mat!!

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